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Catering - Hartford, South Dakota

Creekside Meats is Ready to Cater Something Delicious for Your Next Event!

Let's Talk MEAT!

-It's what we do best-

creekside meats catering

Catering Testimonial

"Your food was incredible. The mac n’ cheese vanished almost immediately! I was busy setting up the family fireworks display most of the evening, but every time I walked through the kitchen, I overheard in-laws raving about something you made… the prime rib, brats, beans, potato salad, and drumsticks. By Sunday morning there were almost fights breaking out about who was going to take which leftovers home.  


Over and above the food quality, working with your team was so easy.  We were grateful that everything was contained in crockpots. That made serving easy. My wife was also impressed by your willingness to help her load the truck on Saturday.


The young woman working at the store on Wednesday was equally helpful when I returned the crockpots. I didn’t have to ask … as soon as I came in with one crockpot, she immediately volunteered to bring in the other pots from the car. Everyone who works with you is always gracious. You’ve assembled a stellar team.


This year was the first time we tried catering a family get-together, and I’m very glad we did. Most importantly, I’m glad we chose Creekside Meats. Your business has been a wonderful asset in the Hartford community."


Fred Lupien 

"Creekside catered my wedding and the food was amazing. I love coming in here everyone is so friendly and caring. Hands down amazing."  -Amanda G.

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